Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building provides tools and training to Black-serving institutions, organizations, and individuals to help move the 512,000 African Americans living with HIV into viral suppression. Typical users of this service are community-based organizations, AIDS-service organizations and health departments, as well as traditional Black institutions such as faith-based institutions, civic and professional organizations, fraternities and sororities, social organizations, etc.


The Black AIDS Institute and Cicatelli Associates Inc. are working together to provide capacity building services for HCOs who work in prevention with positive individuals, prevention with high-risk negatives and HIV testing.

We understand the challenges and complexities of the rapidly changing healthcare environment and the obstacles healthcare professionals face in implementing High-Impact HIV Prevention – scalable, scientifically proven approaches tailored to specific populations, with a new focus on treatment as a critical component of prevention. From accessing third-party billing and reimbursement systems to targeting key populations in geographic areas, we are focusing on increasing early detection, linkage to and retention in care, and treatment for those living with HIV for nearly 30 years.

Services offered:

Jointly, our services build capacity and support the implementation of sustainable, data-driven systems designed to help healthcare organizations and clinical settings efficiently and effectively implement CDC's High-Impact HIV Prevention strategies and decrease new infection rates by 25 percent nationwide. We offer a wide variety of practical, data-driven CBA services for healthcare organizations and staff in clinical settings, all absolutely free of charge.

A request for capacity building assistance begins with a HIP Assessment, and downloadable tools and resources developed for HCO staff. For more information, or to request services, visit Important: In requesting CBA, insert "Black AIDS Institute" in the "Other comments" section of each form to ensure the Black AIDS Institute is assigned to your request.


Services offered:

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate training and internship programs.
  • Develop and deliver topical slide presentations and facilitate public discussions in a variety of settings.
  • Develop HIV-related science, prevention, and treatment curriculum and material.
  • Conduct and disseminate research on HIV-related issues of significance for Black Americans.
  • Increase the knowledge and capacity of Institute staff on a variety of HIV-related subjects.
  • Work across departments to ensure proper delivery of support materials and information to partner organizations.
  • Develop and deliver presentations and facilitate public discussions in a variety of settings.

For more information, contact or call or 213-353-3610 with a description of your needs.


Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) aims to increase patient access to treatment and care, strengthen local leadership and advocate for policy change by building a trained network of Black HIV/AIDS advocates to share knowledge and lead efforts to improve the bridge into quality HIV care and treatment for Black Americans.

Services offered:

  • Develop and deliver trainings on HIV science and community mobilization. Program delivery includes training instructors, BAI support staff, and training materials.
  • Provide web-based and print materials and media services to support local and national activities.
  • Promote the local BTAN training utilizing media resources.
  • Assist in recruitment of participants in BTAN training and manage recruitment RSVPs.
  • Provide support to coordinate local BTAN reception to announce the new network. Provide staff and media for the BTAN reception.
  • Promote lead BTAN organization in the local city and nationally.
  • Involve local programmatic lead in planning and discussions related to HIV-related conferences such as the U.S. Conference on AIDS, CROI, etc.
  • Provide technical assistance to develop a pull-through project.


Aimed at strengthening organizational and individual capacity to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black Communities, the African American HIV University (AAHU) is a comprehensive training program designed to decrease stigma and misperception and increase the engagement of the Black community in HIV prevention and treatment services. AAHU is composed of two colleges, Science and Treatment College and the Community Mobilization College. Graduates of AAHU are qualified to serve as liaisons between people living with HIV/AIDS and are equipped to enhance local programming in a way that enables Black leaders and communities to fully engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Services offered:

Develop training content and curriculum that is comprehensive, adult-centered and culturally competent. Identify faculty that are experienced and expert in their fields.Train participants to engage in activities that increase HIV knowledge and reduce stigma and misperceptions.Connect participants to technical assistance in the promotion of access to and utilization of HIV services.Refer organizations to other capacity building assistance services as needed.



The CitySheet Series is a set of fact sheets that provide background, statistics and resources related to HIV/AIDS in local and regional Black communities. It is a resource for community stakeholders who want local information and potential partners in a succinct document. The Institute develops local CitySheets upon request.


The Institute hosts a library of presentations and webinars on various topics related to HIV in Black America. Topics within the presentations library include: biomedical interventions; HIP; NHAS; PrEP and What it Means for Black America; and presentations on the latest Institute's reports. These presentations will be made available to organizations and individuals upon request.

The Institute also offers research, reports, and presentations tailored to the specific requests of our affiliates.


The Institute conducts literature reviews on various trends related to HIV in Black America. These literature reviews can be used to inform programming or be possibly modified for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Possible literature review topics include: HIV and Black heterosexual men; medication adherence among African Americas; successful stigma reduction programming among African Americans; successful health care delivery models among African Americans.


Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiative designed to improve the delivery and effectiveness of HIV prevention services. CDC-funded CBA providers offer services, such as trainings and technical assistance, at no cost to recipients. More information about CBA services can be found on CDC's Capacity Building Assistance page of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.


For more information related to Training and Capacity Building Assistance provided by BTAN, AAHU or assistance detailed in the Other Services section, contact or call or 213-353-3610 with a description of your needs.

CBA agencies funded directly by the CDC can submit a request through the CBA Information Request System (CRIS).

For agencies funded through a local or state health department, that department can submit a request through CRIS or contact the Institute directly.