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The STC is a service provided to organizations, not a course for individuals. Although any organization serving the Black community in the United States can apply, priority is given to:

  • CBOs/ASOs serving Black communities at high risk, directly or indirectly CDC-funded.
  • Local branches of organizations affiliated with the Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative.
  • Organizations whose missions align with that of the Institute and the goals of the College.
  • Organizations with a specialized HIV/AIDS treatment or adherence educator are strongly encouraged to apply.

Eligible organizations will have the capacity to allow Fellows to participate in training activities and will benefit from inceased treatment and care programming in their community.


The STC costs approximately $17,000 each year for each Fellow. The Black AIDS Institute provides a limited number of scholarships in the form of travel costs, tuition, educational materials, training, housing and meals for selected Fellows.

Fellows must also have access to a laptop during the Los Angeles-based training sessions and be able to attend all trainings in their entirety.

The STC is intensive and requires a significant amount of Fellows time and energy. Fellows spend more than 50 days in Los Angeles for training and an average of one week per month devoted to internship activities. The issues that drive the high rates of HIV/AIDS in Black communities deserve a workforce that is adequately prepared to respond to the challenge, and the STC delivers that.

To provide support to organizations that sponsor Fellows, the Institute provides organizational stipends to help supplement Fellows' salary depending on funding availability.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting January 20, 2015 Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application as early as possible. Applicants are also encouraged to send an email to indicating their intent to apply, so as to ensure notification of all application-related deadlines and updates.

Applications can be submitted via email or postal mail. If you are submitting your application via postal mail, please include three copies: an original and two additional copies. Please send documents in a manner that provides you with a tracking number or a return receipt. Applications submitted through the postal mail must be received no later than April 30, 2015 at:

Black AIDS Institute
1833 West Eighth Street #200
Los Angeles, California 90057-4920