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African American HIV University

The African American HIV University (AAHU) was developed in 1999 as a structural intervention program intended to change cultural norms and perceptions in the Black community around access to and utilization of HIV prevention services and strengthen Black organization and individual capacity to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their communities. Research shows that lack of scientific literacy, stigma within the population, conspiracy beliefs and misperceptions of the disease have presented considerable barriers to HIV prevention strategies among African Americans. The Black AIDS Institute launched multiple programs to address these challenges including the Community Mobilization College, the Science and Treatment College, the Black Treatment Advocates Network and individual technical assistance.

AAHU Science and Treatment College

The Science and Treatment College (STC) seeks to increase the HIV/AIDS science, treatment and prevention literacy of Black Americans in an effort to improve their ability to protect themselves from infection, equip those who are already infected from infecting others, and enhance the community's position as a whole to impact perceptions of and policy regarding HIV/AIDS and health in Black communities. Click here to download a STC brochure.

Click here for application information and documents. Deadline for application is June 1, 2015.


AAHU Community Mobilization College

The Community Mobilization College (CMC) utilizes the Community Mobilization Model to detail the cultural barriers to and regional opportunities for combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black communities. The chief objective of CMC is to develop a cadre of Black social change community leaders with the knowledge and skills to mobilize key influential people, constituents and traditional Black institutions to end the AIDS epidemic in their communities. Click here to download a CMC brochure. The CMC is not currently accepting applications.


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