In This Issue

We begin this issue expressing our concern for residents of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and our other friends in the Caribbean who are trying to recover from Hurricane Maria, as well as our condolences to the families and people whose lives are forever altered by gun violence, including recently in Las Vegas.

Last week, by raising our voices and calling our Congressional representatives, Americans of all races, creeds, ethnicities, sexual orientations and political affiliations—including people living with HIV and AIDS—successfully defeated the most recent Republican attempt to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. However, the fight is not over; we must remain vigilant as the Trump Administration and GOP continue their attempt to erase both President Obama's signature accomplishment, the ACA, and his legacy. In case you aren't yet aware of it, the Administration is not only shortening the enrollment window for Americans purchasing health insurance on the federal marketplace but also sabotaging the efforts of community organizations and navigators to enroll people in marketplace programs. We will help you stay on top of it.

In this issue we run the first of a number of pieces we will publish on the Trump Administration's attempts to undercut the ACA. This week we share a piece from our friends at Kaiser Health News about how the administration plans to shut down for 12 hours each weekend during the already-shortened open enrollment season—the precise times when traffic is the heaviest.

We profile Solange Knowles's involvement in the movement to end HIV and AIDS. For Knowles, who, when she was younger lost an uncle to AIDS, the fight against the HIV virus is personal.

2017 USCA Social Media Fellow Jennie Smith-Camejo is also the communications director for the Positive Women's Network USA. In her role as a social media fellow, she reported on several plenary sessions and workshops at the Conference. We rerun her wonderful reporting here.

In August the Black AIDS Institute hosted a Brown Bag Lunch Webinar covering the connection between mass incarceration and HIV/AIDS—from the disproportionate rates of people living with HIV and AIDS who are incarcerated, to care and treatment, to the criminalization of people living with HIV.

Finally, we all know that having safe and secure housing is particularly important for PLWHA, yet we haven't heard much about what's happening at the Department of Housing and Urban Development with Ben Carson at the helm. Our friends at ProPublica report.

Yours in the struggle,