In This Issue

This week, we highlight our #30DaysOfHIV campaign by sharing the "In The Life" posting of Black AIDS Institute mobilization coordinator Lestian McNeal. "In The Life" shares the experiences of Black, gay/bisexual/NGC men/trans men told through their own images and words on Instagram.

The #30DaysOfHIV campaign also includes the online community calendar that we featured last week and daily calls to action. Each day, we post actions intended to inspire, motivate and mobilize Black communities and those who serve them. Look for these actions on the Institute's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds as well as on our website, then follow, share and retweet our posts to help us spread the word.

We also run a piece from our friends at the former announcing their name change to, a reflection of the major scientific advances and improvements in life expectancy that have taken place over the past 36 years. Congratulations,, for your new name and beautifully redesigned website!

As we near National HIV Testing Day on June 27, shares a story reminding us of the digital resources available as we communicate about that day. We also run the National Institutes of Health's statement on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, which provides an update on the history and current status of HIV vaccine research. Finally, we share a report on the higher risk of colon cancer that older Black Americans experience between colonoscopies, highlighting our nation's racial disparities in health care, again.

Yours in the struggle,