In This Issue

Finally, a group of influential leaders in the AIDS movement have written an editorial about how important it is for the nation to adhere to the National AIDS Strategy. 

We are definitely experiencing significant consequences from the election of President Trump, including his proposal for the federal budget, which, if approved, will have devastating consequences for many poor people, Black people and other people of color, LGBT people, people living with HIV and AIDS, and other vulnerable people. Indeed, the most powerful way a president communicates his priorities is through his budget.

He tells you what is important, and he tells you who is important, and he tells you who is not important. With his budget, President Trump has done exactly that; now we must make our voices heard and stay vigilant about those consequences play out.

In this issue, we focus on laying out the President's budgetary priorities and running stories that explain what and who are important to him. We open with feature by Freddie Allen, the senior Washington correspondent for Black Press of America, on how President Trump's budget could impact Black people living with HIV and AIDS. After that, we share several curated pieces that have run in other publications. We run two stories from our friends at Black Press of America—the first takes a look at Trump's budget blueprint; the second examines the concerns that the Congressional Black Caucus and civil rights groups have expressed about his budget. We also rerun an opinion piece from our friends at Colorlines that we ran a couple of weeks ago.

Finally, we run an editorial about the importance of adhering to the National AIDS Strategy. In this time of tremendous change, we remind our elected officials of what implementing the AIDS strategy has taught us, and how important it is to carry it out, if we want to reach an era when HIV infection is rare and everyone living with HIV has access to lifesaving care unfettered by stigma and discrimination.

Yours in the struggle,