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Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office reported that more than 14 million Americans would lose their health insurance within one year and 24 million by 2026, if the current version of the Republican's American Health Care Act gets passed.

Despite all the new tools we've developed over the last few years to keep people healthy and prevent new infections, we cannot end the HIV/AIDS epidemic if we take healthcare away from those who need it the most. These are frightening times. But don't be afraid; be active, be mobilized!

In this issue we report on research from CROI on the relationship between the flora inside of a woman's vagina and the efficacy of topical PrEP. Writer and editor Olivia Ford reports that the composition of a woman's vaginal flora can leave her susceptible to acquiring HIV, including during studies of topical PrEP. Read on to learn more.

We continue our series on the 2016 AAHU Fellows, this week profiling this cohort's salutatorian, Krystie Kirkland-Mobley, who works in Broward County, Florida. We publish information about HRSA's Rural HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Toolkit, which provides evidence-based tools and interventions for people living in rural areas.

We run a story about a scandal in California where a public-health contractor put HIV patients at risk, as well as a piece from our friends at Kaiser Health News that questions whether Indiana's claims about its Medicaid expansion add up.

Yours in the struggle,