BTAN Charlotte Offers 3-Day Science and Treatment Training

Solita Jefferies, Patient Navigator in HIV and Community Services, Mecklenburg County Health Department

Black people are often underrepresented at international and other conferences where news about HIV/AIDS is released, including the most recent scientific and biomedical breakthroughs.


BTAN New Orleans Fights HIV and Builds Power Among Local Youths

Tonja Walston and Karen Bennett at an outreach event

An afternoon in April 2017 found neighbors of all ages gathered outside a community center in Harvey, on New Orleans' West Bank. The scene was typical for a spring Friday in New Orleans: popular music on the speakers, a sno-ball truck at the curb, kids circling on bikes and skateboards.


BTAN Bay Area Demonstrates Leadership in Transgender Advocacy

Socorro "Cori" Moreland, Coordinator of Programming and Support Services for Transgender People of Color, AIDS Project of the East Bay and Asian Health Services

Transgender men and women are a key population identified as particularly vulnerable to acquiring and/or transmitting HIV.


BTAN Baltimore and Baton Rouge Spread the Word About HIV Unconventionally

Sharon DeCuir, Advocacy Coordinator at HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two Inc.

Raising people's awareness of prevention methods is key to eradicating HIV in Black communities. So Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) chapters nationwide are testing creative strategies to inform and educate underserved populations, with Baton Rouge, La., and Baltimore at the forefront of those efforts.

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