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On Friday, the Trump Administration and Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, elected to "pull" the American Health Care Act—the bill they'd written to replace the Affordable Care Act—a major defeat for what was supposed to have been the new administration's first legislative success.


The Women of BTAN: Who Inspires You?

The women who give their time, energy, creativity and brilliance to Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) chapters across the nation inspire us all. But who inspires these women? Who are the women who have shaped these sisters into the exceptional individuals they are today? We talked to some of our BTAN leaders to find out.


Leaders of the New School: Young Women Fighting HIV/AIDS

Solita Jeffries, Community Health Educator, Gaston County Health Department, Mecklenburg County Health Department

D'Metris Welters, Grants & Events Specialist, NAESM, Inc., in Atlanta

 There's a new generation of leaders taking the reins in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and they are passionate, focused and young. They're also women. As the HIV/AIDS pandemic hits its 36th birthday, young sisters are grabbing the torch and not looking back. And we're ready for them.


BTAN Bay Area's Denisha DeLane: Making Black Women a Priority

Denisha DeLane, Digital Media and Marketing Professional, Faith in the Bay/In Faith Media

When I was 13, one of the members in the choir at my church passed away and nobody talked about it. It was hush-hush. Years later, I found out he died from AIDS. That was my introduction to the disease. Now, at 37, I am the program coordinator at Allen Temple Health and Social Services in Oakland, Calif., which is part of Allen Temple Baptist Church. I've been working there for six years and handling all of the HIV-outreach programs and services, and I love what I do.

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