The Black AIDS Institute and the AIDS 2012 Black Advocates Delegation would like to collaborate with you on AIDS 2012 Hubs!


One of the world’s largest HIV-related scientific gatherings of people working in and living with HIV will take place in July 2012. Scientists, policy-makers, and community members will convene in Washington D.C. for six days at the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) sharing information about the most recent advances in HIV science. Through post-conference hubs, local communities will disseminate knowledge beyond the international conference into local communities.

Historically, participation in AIDS 2012 has not been a possibility for many people in affected communities due to financial, travel, and time constraints. The hubs are a way to expand the diversity of people working to bring an end to HIV. These mini-conferences will consist of select recordings from the AIDS 2012 sessions and moderated discussion with experts and community members from the local area. The AIDS 2012 Black Advocates Delegation (BAD) is a group of professionals that will be involved in a planning thirteen of such hubs.

The Black AIDS Institute and the AIDS 2012 Black Advocates Delegation (BAD) are building a team of Community Collaborators to assist in organizing hubs highlighting HIV in populations most susceptible to HIV infection and AIDS mortality. The post-conference hubs planned by BAD will occur in the following cities:

1.            Miami

2.            Birmingham

3.            Chicago

4.            New York City

5.            Houston

6.            New Orleans

7.            Atlanta

8.            Los Angeles

9.            Philadelphia

10.          Jackson

11.          Oakland

12.          Dallas

13.          Washington, D.C.

We would like you to join a team by becoming a Community Collaborator! We are extending an open invitation to organizations and individuals who would like to help organize a two-day mini conference focusing on key findings from AIDS 2012. Community Collaborators will work closely with BAD to organize and publicize their local hubs. People with connections, clientele, and contacts in populations disproportionately impacted by HIV are especially encouraged to collaborate.

If you would like to join a team, you need to apply and participate in the National Webinar for AIDS 2012 Post-Conference Hub Community Collaborators. Please fill out the brief information form attached and email it to We prefer applications be emailed by Tuesday, June 12, 2012, but will accept them on a rolling basis. The national webinar will be on June 13, 2012 at 10 AM PST/11AM MST/12PM CST/1PM EST. On this call you will receive detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of a Community Collaborator.  Please register as soon as possible here.

Please join us in this exciting effort!