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Trainings are the comprehensive educational period where Local Network members learn the information needed to build/reinforce their knowledge of basic HIV science, treatment, and mobilization. BTAN Trainings consist of two 3-day trainings sessions, Science and Treatment and Community Mobilization.

Trainings help ensure that Local Network participants have a baseline of information that allow for the development and implementation of local projects that are responsive to the community needs. Trainings occur on an annual basis. 

After teaming up with local organizational leadership, the trainings are specifically tailored to address critical local issues and facilitate the development of measurable action plans. The Black AIDS Institute provides curriculum materials and meals during the training days. The local host organization provides the training space co-hosts the training, and recruits speakers and participants.

BTAN works with key AIDS service organizations (ASOs) in  high prevalence, resource-limited communities across the U.S. to address local issues and facilitate the development of actionable project plans. In 2010, BTAN began working in three cities: Houston, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2011, networks were expanded to Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California. In 2012, BTAN was excited to reach regionally to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. In 2013, BTAN expanded to Washington, D.C. which houses the highest HIV rate in the country. In 2014, BTAN launched in Melbourne, Florida; Broward Co., Florida; Richmond, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.